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Self-Guided Tour


Because this area was underwater at least part of the time, the fossils found nearby are all marine fossils:  clams, coral, snails, ammonites (a precursor to the chambered nautilus), sea urchins, heart urchins, armored fish plates, crocodile scutes, etc.  See the two snail tracks here.  One is double, one single.  Large snail fossils, some over three feet long and with sharply pointed conical shells, are found in nearby limestone beds.

Cretaceous Garden

On the other side of the Boardwalk, you see our Cretaceous Garden.  Plants here have close relatives in the Cretaceous Period when flowering plants evolved.  Crocodiles thrived along with Dinosaurs, some species getting up to 30 feet long.

Baby Apatosaurus

Also in the Garden, you can find a “baby” Apatosaurus, about a year old, at nearly 20 feet long, but when grown, it can be nearly 100 feet long…some Sauropods (“long necks”) could be even longer!  

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