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Self-Guided Tour


We have tracks from two species of dinosaurs, as judged by comparison of footprints to fossil remains in the same geological time period.  


Acrocanthosaurus, a carnivore with a sharp “heel,” was a distant relative of T. rex and weighed up to five tons, same as a bull elephant.  It was 35-40 feet long.  Iguanodon, a herbivore with a more rounded “heel,” was a little shorter, but more girth, weighing, five to 10 tons, and up to 30 feet long.  Both species were bipedal.   

The print outlined with the hoop is from an Acrocanthosaurus left foot.  You can see its first left footprint nearest us, then moving away, stepping right foot, then left foot on the “snail” trail at the hoop. We discuss the “snail” trails next.  

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