A view of a valley in the Texas Hill Country from the top of our Fossil Ridge Hill.
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For the last 20 years, the museum has been trying to protect and preserve over 200 dinosaur footprints and 28 separate trackways. Made approximately 110 million years ago, the footprints and trackways are part of the early Cretaceous period in the upper Glen Rose Formation. 


The Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country is a multi-acre layout, with trackways, hiking trails, Cretaceous fossil digs, and more! We are located midway between Startzville and Sattler on FM 2673.  

Even though Texas may not require masks, our dinosaurs do! We will still require masks and social di

Our Mask Policy

Even though Texas may not require masks, our dinosaurs do! We will still require masks and social distancing in our museum and on the Boardwalk Tours. 

Thank you!

Dinosaur with handsanitizer and face mask


Dinosaur Footprints


Separate Trackways


Million Years Ago


Gardens & Trails to Walk, Hike, and Discover

What Makes Us Different?

We offer a very educational docent-guided tour of our dinosaur trackways. Guests will learn about the dinosaurs and history of the trackways, the Texas Hill Country, fossils, and more! Also, we have an extensive Cretaceous fossil collection and Native American artifacts that make our museum unique and exciting to visit!

Fossil of a gastropod on the ground up on our Fossil Ridge area.

Outdoor Education

During each enrichment program, youth will experience various nature-based science adventures that include: a STEAM curriculum, games, exploration, and discovery, while we encourage values such as teamwork and trust, problem-solving, stewardship, and the core routines of nature connection.

Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur Footprint Near


We are always in need of volunteers and docents to give tours, maintain the grounds, and help with events. If you would like to donate your time, volunteer today!

All the Latest Updates & News

Keep up on our latest improvements, updates, and additions to our museum!

Get to Know Us

Our board members, staff, docents, and volunteers are dedicated to the museums' mission and purpose.

Tiny T-Rex hiding in our Magnolia Tree in our Cretaceous Garden.