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Self-Guided Tour


Please enjoy the view of the tracks from above, near the amphitheater.  Also, next to the amphitheater, in our “niche,” note the life-size Pterodactyls hanging from the ceiling and the adult Apatosaurus foot and lower leg bones (the height of a person).  Imagine the larger upper leg bone on top, reaching 20 feet just to the shoulder!  The largest animals to ever walk the face of the earth!

Thank You for Visiting!

This completes the boardwalk self-guided tour.  Please return to the Museum to see our inside displays and visit the gift-shop.  Outside, see our gardens, life-size Dinosaur replicas, and Dinosaur Dig Box to uncover embedded Dinosaur bone replicas and learn what they are!


Please do not touch or climb on our outside replicas.  They can fall over and cause injury.  Please stay outside the ropes/walls. 

No smoking on the Museum grounds

Thanks for coming to visit!  

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