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Schools & Field Trips

Inquire today about our tours or outdoor activities for your school or field trip! All requests need to be made at least 2-3 weeks in advance for our coordinator to find an appropriate docent or educator. 

School or Field

Trip Pricing

Fossil Ridge Tour

$7.00 a person

Boardwalk Tour

$7.00 a person

Prices can be negotiable

TOURS (Smaller Groups)

Our Boardwalk Tour

During the boardwalk tour, a docent will lead your group around the dinosaur trackways through the Cretaceous Garden and along our aerial walkway. Docents discuss the history, geology, and details about the unique dinosaurs that roamed the Texas Hill Country. The duration of this tour is 30-40 minutes. 


Fossil Ridge Tour

Or, you can choose our more adventurous tour. The Fossil Ridge tour is docent-led and offers a guided tour of the different types of fossils hidden in the Texas Hill Country. Groups will travel up the hillside and learn about the different types of fossils, rocks, and Cretaceous creatures that once roamed the area. Each person on tour is allowed to take 1 fossil home! The duration of this tour is 50-60 minutes. 

Croc - Copy.JPG

Our outdoor activities are 20-minute educational stations. Each station covers a part of the educational aspect of our museum and education curriculum. You can choose one or all from your group's following list of activities. (Larger groups may be organized into small groups for each station).   

Outdoor Activity Stations

  • Shortened Boardwalk Tour

  • Shortened Fossil Ridge Tour

  • Pioneer and Native American Room

  • Dinosaur Anatomy

  • Dinosaur Exhibits and Farm Equipment

Outdoor Activities (Larger Groups) 

Outdoor Activity


$7.00 a person

Price can be negotiable

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