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All those rock and dinosaur lovers rejoice! This year, we are starting to offer new adult programs! For our first adult program, we will be offering an outdoor "Campfire Cooking" class. Then, in June, we will offer a Dinosaurs and the Texas Hill Country Class

What to Expect

All programs are 1.5 Hours and will include educational guides and information. If you have any questions or inquiry about our adult programs or want to make a suggestion for a class, please email us at


Program Costs

$TBD per program

Upcoming Adult Programs

May TBD: Campfire Cooking

June TBD: Dinosaurs and the Texas Hill Country

Adult Programs

Campfire Cooking

During this program, adults will learn how to make some amazing meals and desserts with campfire cooking. 

More info on what is needed is to come. Check back in April for updated information. 

Dinosaurs and the Texas Hill Country

In this program, adults will learn about the dinosaurs of the Texas Hill Country, trackway and footprint measurements, habitats, and the environmental conditions of the Texas Hill Country that helped form the amazing fossil bed and common fossils in the area. 

More to come soon!

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